Short and Sweet

The fee for the basic ceremony performance and legal filing is $75. This includes my availability at least 15 minutes before the ceremony to review legal paperwork and answer questions. It also includes at least 15 minutes after the ceremony to complete paperwork and answer any additional questions. I can provide at no charge to you some basic templates for you to choose from and make your own edits as you see fit. 

Ceremony Writing

If you would like my assistance in "tweaking" the language of a pre-written ceremony, I can provide that for a fee of $25. If you would like me to work with you to craft a unique ceremony, my fees range from $100-$200 which would be set after a consultation with you to determine the scope of work you desire. 

Rehearsal Fee

If you are having a full wedding with more than 2 attendants, I would strongly recommend a rehearsal the day before the wedding. My fee for a rehearsal is $100. The rehearsal usually takes 30-60 minutes depending upon the complexity and number of participants. My rehearsal fee includes working with you to determine the procession order, the blocking for wedding participants, staging for various elements of the ceremony (ex. unity candle, remembrance of loved ones, etc.). This also includes my arrival on site at least 45 minutes prior to the ceremony to make sure all of the "props" needed for the ceremony are in place and to answer any last minute questions from participants.

Travel Fee

Ceremony within Loudoun County: $25                                   

Ceremony outside of Loudoun County: Travel fee will be based on distance to the ceremony and location of marriage certificate filing.

Late Start Fee

$25 for any ceremony that starts 15 minutes later than scheduled and $25 for every 15 minute delay thereafter.

Custom Services

I am happy to work with couples to ensure they have the wedding they desire. If you have special requests for your wedding ceremony (for example, a theme wedding with special attire), let me know and I will let you know what I can do to accommodate you.